Like most kids in the summer of 1989, I was obsessed with Batman. To celebrate the return of Michael Keaton as The Dark Knight in the new Flash movie, let’s look at some of my Burton Batman stuff!

First up is the Batmobile. I was a little too old to buy all the action figures from the movie, but I couldn’t pass up the Batmobile. Over the years, this has become my favorite version of the car, so I’m really happy I picked this up. It basically just sat on my computer desk for years before going into storage, so it’s pretty much pristine.

Next up is a 1990 calendar featuring scenes from the movie. I only have to wait until 2029 for the dates to match up again!

Finally, we have a copy of the first issue of Fantazone Magazine, with a feature article from screenwriter Sam Hamm about his work on Batman.

As someone who wore out his Betamax tape of Mr. Mom as a kid, I was skeptical about Keaton playing Batman. But as most everyone agrees, he nailed it. So it will be cool to see him put on the cowl again for the Flash movie.

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