Star Wars – Darth Vader Action Figure Case

Today I bring you one of the most iconic items from the original Star Wars toyline. No, it’s not the Millennium Falcon, or the X-Wing, or even the Death Star playset, it’s the Darth Vader action figure carrying case.

Released in 1980, the case held 31 of the 3 3/4″ figures, which was, oddly enough, the exact number of figures that had been released to that point. The case was built like a tank, made from thick, sturdy plastic, which is probably why so many of them survive today. They were also extremely popular, so just about every serious Star Wars kid collector had one.

As you can see, my Vader case is in fairly good shape, even though I brought it with me on every family vacation and over to plenty of friends’ houses in my youth. All of the character name stickers are intact and I even added my own shiny ROBERT sticker on the back to make it my own.

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