Series 2 of Garbage Pail Kids hit stores in October 1985, just a few months after Series 1 in June. It consisted of 131 stickers that were variations on 84 pieces of unique artwork, mostly by John Pound. This is the first time we see some cards that are “landscape” oriented, rather than all being “portrait” in the first series.

I have to say, as a personal preference, I like Pound’s Series 1 kids better than I do the Series 2. The artwork seems bigger on Series 1, with more detail visible, and a little more shading. Maybe it’s just a matter of Topps wanting to capitalize on the success of Series 1 by rushing Series 2 into production. They probably knew Coleco, the makers of Cabbage Patch Kids, were going to bring a lawsuit for trademark infringement any day now, so they wanted to get as many cards out on the market as soon as possible, meaning they cut corners to get the new series produced. Or maybe I’m just projecting here and I have no idea what I’m talking about. Either way, Series 1 will always be my favorite artwork.

Here are my Series 2 cards, presented in no particular order. As you can see, I was really starting to get into collecting GPK, so I have quite a few more than I did Series 1. I have to say, I always appreciated the Hairy Carrie cavewoman dragging the caveman around by the hair. Who says feminism didn’t exist in the 1980s?

Click here for Series 1

Click here for Series 3

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