Doctor Who – Genesis of the Daleks Record

Originally airing between March 8 and April 12, 1975, Genesis of the Daleks is one of the most beloved Doctor Who storylines. Essentially a “go back and kill baby Hitler” tale, the Doctor and his companions are ordered by the Time Lords to go back in time on the planet Skaro and prevent the Dalek’s from coming to power. The story has become the definitive tale of the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

The entire mini-series was first ported to LP in 1979 and again in the release I own in 1982 (and many times since on various mediums).

1982 was a big year for Who – it marked the retirement of Baker and ushered in the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, and I’m guessing this album was part of the promotional campaign surrounding the transition of the role. That would explain the awesome poster featuring Davison and Baker, as well as a few other photos from Who history.

As you can see, the first album is Genesis of the Daleks, while the second album is a bunch of crazy sound effects from the show’s then-20 year run.

Unfortunately, the copy I have doesn’t include the Who theme song 45, but I’d love to find it someday.

More Who stuff to come, so stick around!

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