Grindhouse Gang – Valentine’s Day Zine

A few years ago I attempted to launch an old school physical zine called Grindhouse Gang. It was meant to mimic those activity books you’d buy back in the day, with games to play, pages to color, and mazes to navigate, except this one focused on horror, action, and sci-fi movies.

I mailed out three holiday-themed issues – Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day – but the project didn’t get a lot of buzz or subscribers. I decided it just wasn’t worth the time and effort, so I wound up shelving the project and moving on. It was cool while it lasted, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

For this Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d make the PDF of the February/March issue – the final issue – available here so you can have something to keep you and your loved ones entertained, maybe over a nice chianti and some fava beans.

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the file with the My Bloody Valentine Valentines, so they are not included in the PDF as promised. Also, the PDF is laid out so that it would be printed, folded, and stapled together, so that’s really the best way to enjoy it if you decide to download it.

Maybe someday the ol’ Grindhouse Gang will make a reappearance, but for now, it was just a fun project that didn’t quite land like I was hoping it would. Eh, you can’t win ’em all…

Grab the Valentine’s Day Grindhouse Gang issue here!

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