Recently I wrote a rather lengthy history of Choose Your Own Adventure-style books, including the Find Your Fate books from Ballantine Books. In that post, I mentioned Transformers was one of the franchises that got the Find Your Fate book treatment and that I wouldn’t mind collecting them alongside the G.I. Joe FYF books. Well, as luck would have it, shortly after I posted that entry, an eBay auction came up that gave me a great jumpstart on my Transformers FYF collection.

According to, there were nine Transformers FYF books released as part of the FYF Junior line, published between 1985 and 1986. The Junior line featured shorter books with fewer tough decisions to make; it mainly just had kids turning pages back and forth to follow the story. I got 5 of the 9 just from this one eBay auction, so I’m over halfway there. Here they are in publication order:

As you can see, three of these come from a public library in Hartford, Connecticut. Because they’re paperbacks, the library wrapped them in plastic to try to preserve them. Unfortunately, that process isn’t very precise, so there are visible wrinkles and creases, but, honestly, I don’t mind. I’m not necessarily looking to have a pristine collection of these books anyway.

Of course now that I have these five, I’ll need to track down the other four. But, as I’ve said before, I’m a patient collector, so I’ll get them when I get them. And when I do, I’ll update this post to let you know!

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