It’s time for another activity book!

For a franchise that’s all about using your wits to solve ancient mysteries, the Indiana Jones films lend themselves well to activity books. I have a couple traditional coloring/activity books for Raiders of the Lost Ark, but I must have been really bored as a kid, so almost every page is colored-in and almost every maze or crossword has been completed (or at least partially completed). Maybe I’ll scan in some test pages and see how difficult it would actually be to clean them up in Photoshop…

In the meantime, here’s a really great Temple of Doom Puzzle Book from Happy House.

In a move that’s unusual for a kids’ activity book title, Happy House went all-in on the interior artwork. There’s a lot of detail, a lot of stippling to create shading, and the overall theme of the book fits the film so well.

Unfortunately, while it does match the archeology theme, the creators decided to go with a sort of off-white/mostly-yellow page color to give it an antiquated look. The pages also seem to have a slight pattern or noise to them. All of this made Photoshopping out my old scribbles really difficult, so I’ve done the best I can with what I have.

So, if you’re bored at work today or want to give your kids something fun to do after homework tonight, click here to download the entire activity book now!

And don’t forget I previously uploaded an entire A-Team activity book for you, too! Download them both and keep yourself entertained for hours on the way to your Great Aunt Mable’s house!

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