I make podcasts that no one listens to. But that’s ok. I enjoy the process of researching, writing, recording, editing, and putting out a final product. I cover topics that are interesting to me and I do it whenever I’m good and ready. This means there’s often quite a gap of time between episodes, which makes it impossible to really build up any sort of audience. Again, that’s ok. I make podcasts that entertain and inform me and therefore enrich my life.

If you want to see what I’ve been up to, here are links to each show over on my podcast website, spacemonkeyx.net. I do everything under the “Space Monkey X Audio Workshop” umbrella, so you can find them all on your favorite podcast app by searching for “Space Monkey X”.

The Space Monkey X Audio Workshop
This podcast is where I play around. There’s no set topic, there’s no set format, it is just my audio playground where I make things that amuse me or were on my mind at the time.

Bring the Noise: A History of Early Hip-Hop
This is by far my most “Rob” podcast. I take a deep dive into the history of early rap music with my personal record collection as a guide. These episodes take months to put together, between researching and writing the script, recording the narration, and some of the most time-consuming editing I do. These episodes are often 30-45 minutes, so buckle in.

When You Hear This Sound
This podcast is all about the weird and wonderful world of read-along record books and storybook vinyl. Digging into my personal record collection of pop culture albums, I present a new audio adventure every other week, as well as a little bit of trivia about the subject.

Generation Toon
This podcast stars me, my wife, and our oldest kid talking about cartoons from each of our generations (Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z). It’s been such a great experience working with two of the people whom I love most in the world, but finding time to watch cartoons and record our conversations is difficult. We work on it when we can, but that’s few and far between. I hope to bring this one back stronger soon.

Forgotten Foods: The Stuff
On the list of crazy ideas I’ve had, this is probably the craziest. Forgotten Foods is essentially fanfic for Larry Cohen’s 1985 cult film, The Stuff, where a new dessert turns out to be a parasitic organism that takes over your body. Conceived as a podcast about finding out whatever happened to the grocery store items we loved that disappeared, I roped some willing friends into this one and had a blast with it. Unfortunately, much like the film, the audience for this five-part series is so small, it takes a real weirdo like me to enjoy it.

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