I have no idea why I have this GI*Joe sticker sheet from 1987, but I’m not complaining.

Like all the cool kids in the 1980s, I had a sticker collection. However, by 1987, I wasn’t collecting stickers anymore, so this sheet is a real enigma to me. I probably got it as part of a Christmas or birthday gift, as just a nice little bonus from a friend or relative. It wound up in a folder, then into a storage bin for 35 years.

As for the characters, we have Beach Head, Gen. Hawk, Dial-Tone, Mainframe, Roadblock, and Iceberg. Most of these are based on their figure card artwork, except for Hawk and Roadblock, which almost look like they could have come from the comic.

Thanks to retro pop culture expert Shawn Robare, I now know these stickers came from a GI Joe Valentine’s Day kit!

Check out his article all about the Valentine’s kit on his old website, brandedinthe80s.com

Although that still doesn’t explain why I have them…

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