Star Wars – Burger King Glasses (Series 1)

Some of the most iconic Star Wars collectibles are the Burger King glasses. For only 59 cents, you could take home one of four glasses decorated with characters from the movie. New designs were released every week, so you had to keep coming back to get them all.

There are a lot of BK glasses out there that have been run through the dishwasher hundreds of times over the years and are barely legible. I’m lucky enough to have received my complete collection of unused BK glasses as a wedding gift, so they look like they just came filled with an ice cold Coca-Cola.

By the way, multiple studies have shown that these glasses (as well as any of the collectible glasses from that era) are not safe to drink from anymore. The paint used on the glasses contained lead and if any of it chips off and you ingest it, you’ll likely be getting thousands of times more lead than is healthy. So, just put them on a shelf and appreciate them now…

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