Today I have one of the weirder Masters of the Universe figures, Leech, released as part of the third wave of MOTU toys in 1985.

Leech is a member of the Evil Horde who possesses the power to drain the life force from his enemies. To that end, he has suction cups on his hands and feet that would (sometimes) attach to smooth objects, as well as a big suction cup as his mouth.

To make the mouth suction cup work, you smashed his face against an object, then pressed a button on his back that would vacuum out the air.

When he wasn’t sucking out your life force, he could also shoot you with his laser crossbow.

Leech and the rest of the Horde played a prominent role on the cartoon, She-Ra: Princess of Power, moreso than on He-Man. It kind of makes sense not to mix the Horde and Skeletor’s baddies too often, but they definitely crossed over.

Leech got a re-release with the MOTU Origins line and he looks a lot better than he did back in the 80s. The new figure comes with a swappable head and hands that don’t have suction cups. I didn’t pick up the Origins line version for my collection, though it is a cool-looking figure.

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