The A-Team not only gave us Mr.T, that sweet-ass van, and that killer intro music, but they also taught us that you can weld metal to just about anything and make an assault vehicle out of it. They also gave us this activity book from the show’s heyday that, I’m sorry to say, has a little bit of Big League Chew that has fossilized to the cover. Filled with mazes, word puzzles, and questionable artwork, this is a memento that for some reason has been worth holding onto for 40-some-odd years!

I loved activity books when I was a kid. My earliest books were Star Wars, of course, but I have some for TRON, E.T., and Indiana Jones. I have plans to scan all of these in and share them with you, but be patient, it’s a work in progress.

Speaking of sharing, I’ve scanned in all of this A-Team activity book – I even went through and Photoshopped out my scribbles and scrawlings – so you can check it out for yourself and maybe try your hand at some of the puzzles! Click here to download it!

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