Hurricane, released in 1986 as part of the second wave of the MASK toyline is a ’57 Chevy that changes into a field command post. The driver was Hondo MacLean, wearing the Blaster II mask, which shot “supersonic laser rays” similar to the powers of X-Men member Cyclops.

M.A.S.K. was one of the last toylines I really collected as a kid. 1986 was the year I turned my attention to comic books, so Hurricane has barely been played with and it shows; it’s in amazing condition. All the stickers are intact, the spring-loaded features still work like-new, but there are a few scuffs and spots on the car; I did still play with it, after all. Thankfully my Mom had the foresight to keep the box for storage or else it would probably be in even worse condition.

Thanks to the condition of the toy and the box, this is one of my most-prized pieces in my collection. I don’t have the cardboard inserts or instruction manual, but it would be fun to one-day get those to make this a complete package.

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