A links page!? What is this, 1997? While Web Rings probably aren’t making a comeback anytime soon, I hope personal websites do. So with that in mind, here are some of my favorite websites that feature regularly updated content created by a real-life person who isn’t just writing for the algorithm. Show them some love!

Plastic Rocket Pop!
The online home of Shawn Robare, formerly Branded in the 80s. Shawn likes Monster Squad, BMX bikes, vintage school supplies, and sticker collections, among other retro things. He creates podcasts and specializes in trading cards for movies that never had trading cards.

Dinosaur Dracula
I discovered Matt’s original site, X-Entertainment, way back in the late-90s. It was one of the first nostalgia websites I remember reading on a regular basis, simply because it didn’t just focus on the big moments from childhood like Transformers and GI Joe, but was chock full of the little things that fell between the cracks in your memory. His current site is essentially more of the same, but that’s not a bad thing. He has one of the most extensive pop culture collections you’ll ever see, so he’s constantly posting things that you either forgot about or never even knew existed.

World of Monsters
World of Monsters is a blog featuring, well, monsters! With a lot of scans of old EC comics, horror magazines, and reviews of old monster movies, this has been a favorite website of mine since the Google Reader days.

The term “kindertrauma” refers to movies, TV shows, books, comics, whatever, that scared you as a kid. For example, the clown from Poltergeist. Over on his website, Uncle Lancifer delves into the depths of horror movies new and old, to bring us an entertaining look at the things that go bump in the night.

Pulp Covers
I love the artwork from old pulp fiction magazine and paperback books. So obviously I’m a big fan of this blog that’s been running since 2010, showcasing nothing but those lurid, exciting, titillating covers!

Plaid Stallions
Brick Mantooth (AKA Brian Heiler) has been writing about Gen X pop culture since 2006! His site specializes in MEGO toys, but he also covers everything else under the sun. Look for his regular “Awesome Things on eBay” posts to see what weird and wild things are up for auction.

The Retroist
The Retroist is another long-running pop culture blogger that’s been writing since 2007 and always puts out great stuff! I’ve always appreciated his “nostalgic history with a personal touch” approach to telling us all about everything from toys, to comics, to movies, to our long gone favorites from the grocery store.
Matt Maldre is an artist living in Chicago who, among other things, likes to create art in public spaces. But he also likes to write about pop culture, art, sports, and sometimes just the meanderings of a creative mind.